WP1 – Management

The management (WP1) work package consists of four main tasks: (a) the general management of SUA, (b) the intellectual property, (c) the data base management and (d) the animation and outreach.

General management of SUA

The goal of this task is to foster and maintain interactions between involved work packages and tasks as well as in between academic, SME and LSE partners in the SUA-project. The project manager will be in contact with all participants. His/her role is to ensure that information is transmitted across partners. In detail, the objectives are twofold:

  1. On-going management of the project in line with the administrative regulations of the programme.
  2. Coordination of the work packages.

Intellectual property

SUA has many strategic aspects for which competition is acute. The goal of this WP is to define rules of information sharing that abide by intellectual property (IP) law, in particular for private partners.

Important data sources and calculation routines that are planned to be used in the project and within the resulting business products have distinct restrictions and are limited to research or company-internal uses only (e.g. micro-data about population and firms, energy retrofit-decision rules). Further data sources were designed for “service uses”. Agreements about licensing conditions for their use within SUA and beyond will be investigated, in particular for business use.

A special attention in terms of access to the developed data aggregation and processing methodologies during the project will be promoted, especially for commercial uses after the project. We will also be cautious on the sharing of data and methods between the partners of the project (core or affiliated ones) and other European actors. For example, we can imagine a free-of-charge licensing scheme between the partners during the project duration – depending on each national legal context. A special license after the project period can be issued for private European companies who have not contributed to the project (or signed an agreement with the consortium).